a consulting company

YangWorld pte ltd

a professional services company:

  1. CoAggregationR with 2iB Partners
  2. Corporate Re-engineering
  3. M&A, RTO, roll-ups, MBO – commencing from idea to post integration
  4. Cross-border transactions, cross-cultural integration
  5. Legal Risk Management
  6. Development and transformation of companies towards globalization, scaling up, acquisitions, trade sales and going to the next level
  7. Setting up and doing business in foreign locations – providing initial business to territory match report, 2nd report on the ground country at territory, setting up and running legal entity
  8. Documentation relating to contracts including funding, finance (equity/debt)
  9. Single point contact for interaction legal and business consultants, finance and accounting professionals, corporate advisory
  10. Intellectual property portfolio management
  11. Business development


Cross-Border Consulting, General Counsel, Business Transformation, Global Services, Corporate Counselling

Yang Yen Thaw

managing director

Presently based out of Singapore, Yang Yen Thaw founded YangWorld in 1999 to assist companies in doing cross border business. He is also the Managing Director of 2iB Partners. Other details about him are here and you can reach him here.